Mr. Andrew Lauter

Business Vision and Interpretation Partner
eNotus International

Mr. Lauter has extensive experience in helping companies to handle change in areas of e-commerce and supply-change management. In recent years he has led the technology team of one of the worlds pre-eminent service corporations in fraud management. In 1990 he founded PSC, which he guided to become a highly successful mid sized business and technology consulting firm in the US. As president he provided overall leadership. Known for his ability to ‘size up’ a business problem, Mr. Lauter is able to ‘demystify’ new technologies enabling the advantages of leading edge technologies to be adopted early for business solutions. An expert on back-end integration and systems architecture he has provided a wide range of clients with the skills to achieve optimal results from their systems. Mr. Lauter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in computer science from the University of Iowa. A frequent speaker at national business forums and an active participant in business associations he provides the ideal blend of technology and business experiences for the complex initiatives of eNotus.

Reymond Voutier and Andrew became associated in the early 2000s and have worked together on a number of challenging business proposals these have included database, knowledge management and directory projects that have been of benefit to the international community. In 2015 Andrew has also been a member of the B20 SME Task Force preparing recommendations for the G20 currently under the presidency of Turkey.