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    From time to time, eNotus International establishes high – level advisory councils or expert project guidance panels. These have broadly been concerned with ICT issues, the World Summit on the Information Society, Knowledge Management, Education and Development issues and the role of Trust, Intellectual Property & Privacy in the conduct of commerce. Among prominent members of these councils have been individuals listed below.

    Reymond Voutier – executive chairman acting CEO

    Andrew LauterĀ  – business vision and interpretation partner
    Andrew brings to the team a highly developed understanding of technology for business and experiences that enable him to interpret practical needs for complex requirements

    Dr Andy Song – development and AI partner advanced business solutions
    Andy has an extensive background in finding creative scalable solutions for the pressing digital needs of business and government

    Nigel Arthur – VP Asia, relationships, marketing and directional policy
    Nigel brings a vast experience of working across Asia and most parts of the world from a international trade and business perspective that has covered many industries

    David Hough – business issues thought leader
    David a pioneer in the field of EDI has been involved with leading companies from McDonnell Douglas to IBM and is considered as one of the fathers of modern – day networks

    Dr Mahmoud Bakkar- business and technology analytics
    Mahmoud has devoted extensive time the scientific methods of data analysis across different regions ands types of enterprises

    Advisors & Council members

    Mr Ahmed Laouyane
    Advisory Council Chairman and former director of the Geneva – based Telecommunications Development Bureau

    Dr Richard Stieglitz
    Partner and Chief Operations Officer to the RGS GCN Team

    Mr John Dryden
    Former Deputy Director, Science, Technology & Industry
    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD

    Dr Abdul Quader Shaikh
    Senior International Economist & Regional Coordinator for Africa and Near East US Department of Commerce

    Madame Maria Cattaui
    Former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce

    Mr Bob Rogers
    The first Executive Director of the Global Information Infrastructure Commission

    Dr Mohammed Jahed
    The initial Chief of Economist of the New Partnerships for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)

    Madame Karima Bounemera Ben Soltane
    Director of the UN Commission for Africa, North Africa

    Dr Pekka Tarjanne
    Former Secretary General of the ITU

    Mr Tetsuro Iino
    Advisor to Former US President Jimmy Carter & The Carter Institute

    Mr James Judd QC

    Dr Mima Nedelcovych
    Past US executive director, African Development Bank

    Mr Richard Hammerton
    Advisor to the Executive Chairman

    eNotus Ahmed Laouyane
    Mr Ahmed Laouyane

    eNotus Dick Stieglitz
    Dr Richard Stieglitz

    eNotus John Dryden
    Mr John Dryden

    eNotus Robert G Rogers
    Robert G. Rogers

    eNotus Maria Cattaui
    Madame Maria Cattaui

    eNotus Mohammed Jahed
    Dr Mohammed Jahed

    Relationships are constantly being formed with Think Tanks, Universities, Privacy Coalitions and Industry Associations to formulate global approaches for new and changing requirements that a global digital future means for all societies.