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    Dr. Andy Song shares a moment with Mr. John Danilovich Secretary General of The International Chamber of Commerce at the gala dinner at the completion of the 9th World Chambers Congress in Turin, Italy. eNotus has for more than a decade maintained a close relationship with the ICC from speeches made in Marrakech in 2005 to the 2015 congress in Turin. Reymond Voutier and Nigel Arthur represented the global business community as interlocutors on behalf of the ICC to the World Summit on the Information Society over several years – WSIS is the largest event of its kind ever organised under the auspices of the the Secretary General of the United Nations. BASIS a permanent voice for the ICT industry concerned with the information society was formed after the Summit with the ICC providing support.

    Since 2012 eNotus has worked closely with senior management of the ICC in investigating future service directions for chambers particularly those in regard to new digital challenges.

    The World Chambers Congress is the flagship event of the ICC/WCF the arm that represents chambers around the world. The immediate past congress took place in Doha, Qatar and the 2017 congress will be held in Sydney, Australia.