International Trade
The eNotus founders have a strong background in International Trade covering commodities, industrial & consumer goods, technology and a number of specialised products. Major retail chains and large scale buyers from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China and many western countries have been serviced while sourcing has been undertaken from around the globe. During this period relationships were established with some of the worlds premier trading companies including; Itochu, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Li & Fung and Matsushita. Business connections with various other suppliers and trading companies were made for specialised requirements. Reymond Voutier and his partner James YC Tsai through their Universal Enterprises group also involved in the supply of the Sea Guard Radar system for the ROC and opened an Australian Technology Centre in Taipei and conducted trade missions through the majority of Asian Countries.

Reymond Voutier was also involved with the office of the governor of the State of California in promoting the states high tech industries and products in Asia and this led to becoming a colleague of Len Dunning the founder of Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Through Dunning & Associates an international economic development consultancy he met Nigel Arthur. Dunning & Associate clients included – countries, cities and state enterprises such as Bahrain, Malta, Dade County in the USA and numerous Port Authorities and government enterprises.

During the 1990s joint projects were undertaken with Tymnet in San Jose, California and a long term partnership with Dr Dick Stiglitz & RGS & Associates in Washington DC where the firm was engaged with the Department of Defence and the U.S. Navy. This led to the founding of the RGS /GCN team developed projects resulting from the Clinton Administration push to encourage electronic commerce around the world through its Global Electronic Commerce initiative.

These direct experiences with Trade and Technology highlighted the need for a new kind of entity that could first understand and then help promote initiatives that didn’t quite fit the regular industry definitions and silos. Although eNotus remains interested in all aspects of international trade other qualified entities undertake trade related projects today.