Trust & Integrity/Impact on Business

The OECD has identified rebuilding public trust as critical to the recovery of the post crisis economy and called for decisive action stating that business as usual is not an option and further suggested corporate leadership is required.

Mr Andrew Lauter has for a number of years been deeply engaged in issues of fraud and how they affect the online environment and the conduct of business. In 2012 the International Chamber of Commerce asked eNotus to review ideas for a trust seal as part of proposed new memberships marketing strategies. During the year that followed eNotus explored and expanded this subject presenting proposals to the management team at ICC. They had requested a comprehensive suite of services that could be built around the core eNotus concepts that would provide the ICC with new leading edge services that would focus on the competencies of trust and how these competencies could and would impact memberships.

From this work a major new initiative has emerged designed to elevate trust to the highest level of business decision – making. While eNotus had started from an earlier background of fraud and the changing business behavior of the online digital world the diverse components of trust and their relationship to one another became better understood. Resulting from the global financial crisis in 2008 new initiatives of the G20 and a clear direction began emerging throughout the international community about the universal concerns of declining TRUST.

eNotus leadership in this endeavor has led to the forging of new relationships for further studies with the OECD and the international business community.

Within this framework eNotus is leading the global push to define new standards of trust behavior and integrate research studies and initiatives into the global agenda. eNotus initiatives are helping inform, educate and develop projects to create such competencies. The team anticipates several significant outcomes in 2016. Find a general background paper on this subject, recent interview about Trust and Business at the OECD and photos of meetings that eNotus participated in Click here to read the article.