About eNotus – Background

eNotus International had its origins in Asia during the 1980’s where its founders were involved in wide ranging initiatives relating to global trade, trade promotion and development.  Global Commerce Network Inc. (GCN), a related corporation was formed in 1996 to explore international business information, trade services and network technologies. This led to participation in the Pacific Business Forum later to become the APEC Business Council. Some of the original founders became part of a team working with Tymnet in San Jose, California and in turn in with Dr Richard Stiglitz and RGS & Associates a highly specialized project consultancy working with the DOD and the US Navy in Washington DC, where several project teams were formed. eNotus continued to evolve in the form of informational infrastructure, knowledge center, and database technologies, including services for developing countries with a number of global institutions. During this period eNotus partners pioneered new services and business architectures for fraud systems. eNotus International, is a product of this work and was founded to commercialize intellectual property and manage the implementation of projects. eNotus International draws on hundreds of thousands of hours of experience with informational infrastructure concepts and projects.  In the past decade initiatives have included large-scale e-commerce knowledge center & trade facilities and the planning and development of a trade university for the MENA region. A glimpse of some of this early background can be found here

Experience in Asia with Global Application

The eNotus project teams have had an extensive background of experiences across Asian countries.  These have included China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.  Over time, an extensive range of applications has been developed covering industry information, import & export services and many other knowledge-based projects.  These have included the role of ICT in trade and development and this has provided eNotus with extensive interest in this field that has lead to knowledge management and educational projects.