Linking Africa

Linking Africa was developed a as major economic development initiative by eNotus for the African Continent with the involvement of the some seventeen governments across the continent where the highest level advocacy had been conducted to achieve presidential buy in and endorsement for the program. The Commonwealth and the United Nations were among the many global organizations that supported the initiative. UNDP took the project forward after meetings with Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and various related projects grew out of the core work including the formation of Knowledge Management Africa. Find the link here to a general presentation on the scope of Linking Africa. Read the full article here

The eNotus vision is a single information standard by which all nations can view economic opportunities, examine the minutiae of distant markets and adopt world-best practice for international and domestic trade.

Our vision is to enable investment to more easily target efficient production and cost effective service providers in developing economies, increase investment flows into these economies, help their private sectors to raise growth rates, and to connect their labor markets to global opportunities.

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