Participants at the Business and Civil Society Forums held on the sidelines of the Conference tell us where they think investments are most needed to improve people’s lives.

Mobilizing the finances to fund a sustainable and inclusive future for the world was at the center of the global dialogue, as the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FFD3) saw its official kick-off on 13 July. “This conference is the starting point in a new era of cooperation and global partnership,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, as he addressed the numerous heads of state and government, policymakers and representatives of non-governmental organizations, the public and the private sector, who had gathered in the Ethiopian capital for the 4-day event.

Economic development and the role of financing has been an interest of eNotus  since its formation in the 1990s. This interest has surrounded ICT matters and in particular those of knowledge based informational infrastructures and how they impact upon economic and development strategies.

On the occasion of the Third Financing for Development Conference being held in Addis Ababa during July 2015 it is timely for eNotus  to reignite its interests in these critical issues as they closely relate to those of the G20 and its concerns with SMEs and the global jobs crisis.