It was a great pleasure to meet Richard Baldwin and have some follow up communications with him about the GTR and Richards new book ‘ The Great Disruption’ In discussions with Sergio Arzeni the President of the INSME a Rome based association for the promotion of SMEs it was evident that the theme of Richards work would serve our purpose for a talk at the annual global meeting of the INSME that will take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in May at which Chuck Russell will give a speech on the GTR and finesse relationships between the GTR and INSME.

Raúl Zambrano was in Dubai for a large part of the month and I followed this up with a call to Raed Safadi whom confirmed the interest of Dubai in the GTR and in other plans.

I also had the opportunity to meet Sam Cawthorn an international award winning public speaker in March and witness his dynamic style of presentation.

The eNotus vision is a single information standard by which all nations can view economic opportunities, examine the minutiae of distant markets and adopt world-best practice for international and domestic trade.

Our vision is to enable investment to more easily target efficient production and cost effective service providers in developing economies, increase investment flows into these economies, help their private sectors to raise growth rates, and to connect their labor markets to global opportunities.

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