We have taken steps to formalize relationships and establish collaboration with the INSME International Network of SMEs following meeting Sergio Arzeni the President of INSME in Paris. Follow up discussions will take place with Christin Pfeiffer the Secretary General of INSME.later in the year.
This development took place after a meeting with the management team from the SME Forum who expressed interest in cooperating in the GTR initiative.

The eNotus vision is a single information standard by which all nations can view economic opportunities, examine the minutiae of distant markets and adopt world-best practice for international and domestic trade.

Our vision is to enable investment to more easily target efficient production and cost effective service providers in developing economies, increase investment flows into these economies, help their private sectors to raise growth rates, and to connect their labor markets to global opportunities.

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Reymond Voutier, Executive Chairman

David Hough

Nigel Arthur

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